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We began as an overextended, slightly OCD, business-minded healthcare provider who wanted to save time while improving efficiency and organization. That idea evolved into a bigger plan to help everyone!

Please open our tutorial video link to assist you in fully utilizing all of the EZ Transaction conveniences and comprehensive features.

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  • Scheduling or appointment requests 24/7
  • Ordering services, food, and merchandise
  • Customer to business and business to customer messaging
  • Website links
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Contactless payment
  • Automatic appointment reminders & Rescheduling reminders
  • One location for all your appointments
  • Push notification feature for business to customer
  • Increased business exposure

EZ Transaction Social Distancing
Social Distancing

Yeah, we’re all tired of this phrase, but in the meantime this app significantly reduces contact to commonly used surfaces and that’s a good thing no matter the circumstances!

EZ Transaction Business Chat
Chat with Business

Securely message back and forth with your favorite businesses without the inconvenience of phone calls or email.

EZ Transaction App & Website
EZ Transaction Plans & Subscriptions
Plans and Subscriptions

Our app is free to download for consumers while being the most cost effective comprehensive website and app solution for business with a 60-day free trial.

EZ Transaction Secure Payment
Secure Payment

Enjoy peace of mind while using Stripe* technology to securely pay for goods, services, and appointments in a contactless manner. Businesses and customers automatically receive professionally generated invoices while being able to view all payments and earnings.

Download The App Now

Our app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems free of charge to consumers. Businesses can confirm their subscription after a 60-day free trail. Click on the link to download the EZ Transaction app!

EZ Transaction App

What People Say

People and businesses alike are enjoying the benefits and conveniences of our extensive services. Please join them and see the advantages firsthand!

EZ Transaction Testimonials-Cornerstone

We found the website and app to be simple to use and navigate for scheduling our customers for in-store visits and it’s invaluable for handling technical questions utilizing the customer to business messaging function. Our customers also enjoy the contactless payment option for purchasing or ordering accessories. It has increased our business exposure while being the most cost effective option available. I highly recommend downloading this app!

Chad W.; Proprietor
EZ Transaction Testimonials-Inspection Services

I use EZ Transaction for scheduling home and commercial property inspections with my clients. It has enabled me to be more efficient on the job site without being tied to the phone. Most importantly I can create service charges and billings which reduces printing and mailing costs. I actually now get reimbursed 10-14 days sooner because of this feature! I’m glad I found this app and put it to use for my business.

Ryan T.; Owner
EZ Transaction Testimonials-Dr. Anxhela T.

You can definitely consider me a dual-user of EZ Transaction. My patients make frequent use of the scheduling, appointment reminder, and rescheduling features while I do the same for booking appointments for the entire family. The appointment reminder has decreased the no-show rates and we don’t have to answer the office phone anymore to repeat our address or clarify directions. I personally find the app extremely beneficial for scheduling and ordering services for my children from hair salons to sports training. The contactless payment option means no need to handle cash or worrying about a lost or stolen credit card. This is the best and most utilized app on my phone. It keeps track of the appointments for the entire family in one convenient location!

Dr. Anxhela T.

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