8 Tips to Grow Your Personal Training Business

start your personal training business

When it comes down to starting your own successful personal training business, you cannot overlook a steady stream of new and returning clients.

If you’re a new personal trainer or don’t have as many clients as you’d like, gaining additional clients is probably front of mind.

Landing clients for your personal training business is easier than ever before, thanks to the interconnected world we now live in. 

Here are our top eight suggestions for expanding to grow your personal training business.

1. Make the most of social media.

Social networking is an excellent way to increase the number of clients who come to your personal training business. However, there is a correct and incorrect strategy to online social media marketing. For example, many people believe that occasionally publishing a picture of their body will help them achieve greater momentum with their internet presence.

Correctly utilizing social media will help you create your brand as an effective personal trainer while also building trust with potential clients.

Sticking to just one or two social media platforms at a time, rather than spreading your efforts thin by publishing on all of them, will help you build a greater following of people who know, trust, and enjoy what you say and share.

2. Publish helpful articles and blog posts.

Starting an online personal training business is not easy as it seems! 

Every person who reads one of your articles has the potential to become a client. The more value people derive from your articles, the more they regard you as a health and fitness expert.

Regularly writing informative content on your blog is one of the best methods to display your expertise to potential clients. In addition, having a content marketing strategy in place for your brand and blogging regularly can demonstrate to potential clients that you are an industry authority.

3. Make use of video

On the Internet, video is becoming the most engaging media. It’s much easier to build people’s confidence when they see you offering value through video than with any other type of post.

If you want to know how to build an online personal training business, you must concentrate your marketing efforts on Facebook. Streaming a live video of yourself answering questions regularly is a terrific method to deliver helpful information to your potential clients. People will eventually start suggesting your page, and you’ll have a regular stream of potential customers listening in to your live streams, where you may pitch your services at the end.

4. Advertise a Free Session on the Internet

Advertise complimentary sessions at your local gym if you’re a new personal trainer. If they prefer working with you once you’ve proved your expertise, you can start charging them following your free session.

If you currently have clients, provide a one-time “bring a friend free” session for each of them. It’s also a good idea to give the “bring a buddy free” pass. This will instill a sense of urgency in your present clients, increasing the likelihood that they will bring someone along with them.

Your clients will gladly bring their friends in, and you should provide them with an experience that will make them want to work for you in the long run.

5. Send out monthly emails with helpful hints.

To grow your personal training business, send monthly emails with tips and tactics to gym members, clients, and Facebook fans. Having potential clients’ email addresses helps you check in with them regularly, stay relevant in their eyes, and promote any new program or promotion you’re doing.

6. Referral Marketing

In the personal training industry, referral marketing is quite popular. Although word-of-mouth referrals are a great way to get new clients, relying on people to recommend your services can feel like something you have no control over.

Going above and above to ensure clients get the outcomes they want and have a great time working with you will improve the likelihood that your current clients will recommend you to their friends.

You can also network with other businesses in your industry to see if they’ll refer leads to you. If you’re just getting started, try offering these business owners a monetary incentive for each new client you bring in.

7. Join LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the place to be for anyone in any field, including personal trainers. Participate in local groups. Make contacts, introduce yourself and your company without trying to sell anything. Fill out your profile page as completely as possible (feel free to boast a little) so that clients consider you competent and trustworthy.

8. Deliver Results

Your top priority should be assisting your clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

Not only will they want to work with you again, but they will be more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family.

If you have already got the formula for setting up a personal training business, always communicate with your client with the express intent of delivering outcomes. 

Personal trainers are hired to assist people in achieving a specific goal.

Keep your internal and external communications as clear, brief, explicit, and straightforward as possible.

For example, inform them how many sessions per week they should have with you to obtain the outcomes they want, and offer to draw up a month’s calendar with days and hours so you’re constantly on the same page.

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