Housekeeping Scheduling App for Cleaning Businesses

Use our EZ Transaction housekeeping scheduling app and website to help you increase efficiency, impress consumers, and manage your business more effectively.

Get the Best House-Keeping App & Keep Hassles at Bay

The cleaning schedule software from EZ-Transaction is designed to assist you in running your day-to-day operations. It comes with scheduling, dispatching, estimations, invoicing, and other useful features to help you run your cleaning business more efficiently.

  • Your time is priceless: Automate your business activities online to free up time to concentrate on the areas where you wish to expand.
  • Payday has arrived: When you use immediate pay, you'll never have to worry about how long it will take for money to appear in your account.
  • Obtain 100% success: Make additional appointments with a scheduling app for cleaning businesses. Expand your business and recruit more cleaners. Alternatively, you can simply reclaim your time.
  • Join a Professional Network: In a private Facebook Group, you'll have access to thousands of other successful business owners to learn from.
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Schedule and Dispatch Your Team to the Right Place

Create a one-time or recurring job, select a client, and instantly assign it to your team. With only a few clicks, you can see all of your cleaning jobs for the day and optimize your route.

  • With the drag and drop calendar, you can easily rearrange visits.
  • When your team has a new, postponed, or canceled visit, send them a push notification.
  • Using time tracking to simplify employee payroll.
  • Using route optimization and GPS monitoring, send your team to the right location.
  • You can run your business from anywhere.

With the housekeeping scheduling software mobile app for iOS and Android, you can access all of the information and functionality you need to run your cleaning business from anywhere.

  • In the field, make quick and precise route decisions.
  • On-the-go access to client and job information.
  • Push alerts will keep your team up to date on the most recent schedule.
  • Always provide consistent service.

Give your employees what they need to consistently provide excellent service. Customized checklists that can be transmitted to your team's mobile devices will wow your clients.

  • During scheduled visits, complete checklists.
  • To train new staff, keep permanent records and use checklists.
  • Add images or PDFs as attachments to a booking.

Why Choose EZ-Transaction Scheduling App for Your Cleaning Business?

  • Status changes in real-time: For quick internal visibility, update bookings or create tasks within the app.
  • Overview of the workload: Staff may filter to see rooms that have been assigned to them, giving them a clear picture of their workload and obligations.
  • Management of tasks: The housekeeping app can monitor and manage tasks created in Mews Operations.
  • Support for several platforms: The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, as well as mobile and tablet devices.
  • Information on reservations: The arrival and departure times of guests aid in prioritizing which rooms should be cleaned first.
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