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Welcome to EZ Transaction! Now, schedule your next massage session with the best spa appointment app.

Online Booking System for Your Spa

Because we are surrounded by stress at work and endless personal concerns, etc., the modern style of life can be stressful and tiring. Provide a booking experience that is as pleasant as the service they are receiving. You may share your availability with clients online with EZ-day Transaction's spa booking software.

  • No-shows will be a thing of the past: Use your spa booking app to send automated email or text reminders to your customers so they don't forget about their appointments.
  • Allow for easy self-reservation: Allow clients to book treatments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by posting your available appointment slots online. Make the most of your time by avoiding double bookings.
  • Get to know your clients: To create a tailored experience, save customer preferences and appointment details. Make a list of your VIPs so that you may promote to them specifically.
  • Accept safe payments during the booking process: With the Square or Stripe connections, you can easily collect payments from your Booking Page. Clients will appreciate it, and it's also a great gift idea!
  • Instant updates at your fingertips: Finish the facial and check your phone for scheduling updates in real-time.
  • Your regulars are given preferential treatment: Make appointments for your loyal consumers regularly. Ascertain that they have a place reserved at all times and accept payments in advance.
  • Allow your customers to book their appointments: While your spa appointment software works in the background, spend more time refreshing your guests. Forget about pencilled-in meetings and rushing back and forth when the phone rings.
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Stay Organized with Spa Booking App

Relax as your customers schedule themselves and pay for their appointments online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instant notifications keep you informed so you can focus on providing excellent service to your customers.

Create a one-of-a-kind Booking Page to highlight your services. To showcase your spa's tantalizing facilities, add your brand colors and logo, as well as stream photographs from Instagram.

Who could resist when they see everything in-store at the point of booking? Give your clients an enhanced booking experience that makes it easy to treat themselves.

  • Make it simple to arrange a spa appointment online: While you're in sessions, your customers make appointments with your team on their own, filling up your calendar. 'Hello Bliss!' organized timetables and more reservations

Why EZ Transaction is the Best Fit for Booking Spa Appointments Online?

  • Reduce client contact to provide them with the secure experience they desire while maintaining your personal touch.
  • Allow the program to take care of your to-do list while you pamper your clients.
  • Create a high-service, high-value, contactless experience with a 24/7 AI receptionist who returns missed calls, books appointments, and replies to client questions.
  • With revenue-boosting marketing, you can attract more new clients, keep them coming back, and provide them with a frictionless checkout experience.
  • With payments and POS embedded right into your spa administration software, you can breathe easy.
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