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We are presenting you with the EZ Transaction app, designed entirely with the convenience of your students & tutoring services in mind, from listing your different course offerings to the online registration process, messaging, online payments, and more.

EZ Transaction: A Great Fit for Your Tutoring Business

EZ Transaction allows your students to search through your various course offerings, choose the one they are interested in, and sign up from there in just a few taps. In addition to that, they can inquire about any courses through the messaging feature, visit you in your operating hours using the app’s turn-by-turn direction feature, and more. Students or their guardians can even use the contactless payment function to pay for your tutoring services and course fees securely. With the EZ Transaction app, we’ve focused on making your and your student’s life much easier by getting you to one platform to fulfill your needs.

Online Tutoring App
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Push Notifications, Online Course Fee Payments & Inquiries

Tutors like you can use the EZ Transaction Online Tutoring App, having push notification feature to announce any new course launches, discounts, offers, and more. This is a great way to thank them for allowing you to assist in their educational needs while also seeking feedback. You can also send group assignments or lesson clarifications to all students simultaneously. In addition, you can list all of your course offerings with required details and fee structure, and interested students can inquire about that through messaging feature or just register to the course or program by paying the course fee in just a few taps. This helps ensure that your students continue to receive the quality educational assistance you provide as you contribute to their academic success.

You Can Try It, Love It, and Then Register

EZ Transaction app is a startup entity, and we’re offering a 60-day free trial to tutors like you. It enables you to become familiar with the app’s features and encourages your students to sign-up as well. This will truly save you a lot of time and be cost-effective by reducing phone calls while allowing you to focus on things you do best: providing excellent tutorial services to your students. Your tutor page will be displayed beautifully and professionally after completing the descriptive information and adding your course details, fee structure, etc. In fact, your listing functions like your own personal website without the cost of development and server fees. Tutors that sign up will also lock into the low monthly rate of just $19.95/month. Most sites charge 5-10 times each month for only one or two of these features. This is the most cost-effective business solution you will nd. Our goal is to level the playing field so that every student and tutor can take advantage of all we offer, and we’ve accomplished this through personal investment. There are no shareholders or outside interests.

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