Pet Care Service Booking App

Introducing you to our EZ Transaction app, the most comprehensive app and website available designed completely with the convenience of your pet care services and pet owners in mind.

We've Thought of Everything to Develop the Best Pet Care App

EZ Transaction allows your pet owners to book your pet care services 24/7 while you maintain full control over your time. With automated booking reminders sent 24 hours and 2 hours prior to the booking schedule, your pet care business can significantly reduce the no-show rates. It also offers pet owners a simple one-step solution to quickly re-schedule their booking.

Pet owners can also use turn-by-turn directions to your store location and send or receive messages from you in case they have any questions. Pet owners can even use the contactless payment function to securely pay for fees, products, and services.
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EZ Mobile App

Send Push Notifications, Automated Reminders to Pet Owners

Use the EZ Transaction app push notification feature, to send notifications to any or all pet owners through the app and/or email. This is a great way to thank your pet owners for allowing you to care for their precious pets and seek feedback. As your practice has many recurring appointments we’ve added the simple feature of automatically sending rescheduling reminders to your pet owners. You tailor this to each individual pet based on their required or expected return date. This helps ensure that those valued pets continue to receive the quality care and follow-up you deliver to improve their health and quality of life.

You Can Try It, Love It, and Then Sign-Up

EZ Transaction is a startup entity and we’re offering a 60-day free trial. This enables time for you to become familiar with all the comprehensive features and encourage your pet owners to sign up as well. It will truly make your office staff much more time and cost-effective by reducing phone calls and allowing you to focus on the things you do best: providing excellent service to those amazing pets. Your personal page will be displayed beautifully and professionally after completing the descriptive information and adding your pictures to the gallery. In fact, your listing functions like your own personal website without the cost of development and server fees. Locations that sign up at this time will also lock into the extremely low monthly rate of just $19.95/month. Most sites charge 5-10 times this amount each month for only one or two of these features. This is the most cost-effective business solution you will find. My goal is to level the playing eld so that every entity can take advantage of all we have to offer and I’ve accomplished this through personal investment. There are no shareholders or outside interests.
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